WWF Mania – January 16, 1993

WWF Mania – January 16, 1993

Todd Pettengill makes an ass out of himself as he enters the studio. He whines about hosting a 10 AM show saying it’s too early. This guy … I tell you. He’s unbearable and then some. Anyway, Pettengill gets to what’s ahead. The Steiner Brothers and The Undertaker will compete. Elsewhere, Doink The Clown is in the spotlight. Up first is the Mania exclusive match. Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes have the call from The Manhattan Center in New York City.

Jim Powers vs. Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji)

Result/Analysis: Yokozuna via pinfall (2:56) following the banzai drop. This was a non-competitive match like any Yokozuna match was in late 1992/early 1993. Powers continued to flounder in his singles career and his usefulness was either working house shows against other floundering talent or as a jobber to the stars on television. For anyone out there that thought Yokozuna wasn’t going to win the Royal Rumble, well, that person needed his/her head examined. Squash.

Rating: 1/4*

Back in studio, Pettengill complains about being given grapefruit juice saying he’s allergic. WTF. He also asked for a red carpet last week but as we can see there’s still no red carpet. Pettengill thinks that if were David Letterman and had a $16 million dollar deal with CBS he’d be given that red carpet. Clearly, Pettengill is an act but it’s possible he’s a worse hire than Rob Bartlett for RAW. Anyway, Pettengill segues to Doink and we see Doink’s interview with Raymond Rougeau from SuperStars last weekend.

Next, we hear from The Big Boss Man on the WWF’s “Headlock on Hunger” Somalia relief fund. The reality is that 30 years later the Somalian people are still starving, no?

“Wild” Bill Irwin vs. “El Matador” Tito Santana

Result/Analysis: Santana via pinfall (5:56) following El Paso de la Muerte. Irwin controls most of the bout with Santana looking rather weak. The “El Matador” gimmick had run its course with Santana’s WWF in-ring career going nowhere. Irwin wasn’t technically on the roster so for him to get this much run versus Santana, a WWF mainstay for over a decade, was a surprise to see. Fans still got behind Santana but they were smart enough to see him as a directionless talent.

Rating: *3/4

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan’s latest “Narcissus” promo is shown again.

Meanwhile, Pettengill is getting his makeup done as he rips on Tom Arnold for putting the audience to sleep as they watch “Home Improvement.” Hey, Pettengill! Look in the mirror!!!

The Steiner Brothers match versus The Executioners from RAW is re-played. For Vince McMahon to get The Steiner’s to jump ship at the time, yeah, that was a major get.

Pettengill is back and he makes a really bad liposuction joke in reference to the makeup artist before telling us how great Monday Night RAW was. We then see Heenan’s various attempts to enter the arena for RAW only to be unsuccessful each and every time.

Back from a commercial break and Pettengill harps to the television audience again on Letterman’s new contract before saying his comes in at just below. Whatever. Next, it’s another look back to Kamala’s face turn last Saturday on SuperStars. After the clip, Pettengill rejoices on Kamala having seen the light that Reverend Slick has been preaching. The word of The Gospel you know.

The cameraman has to put up with Pettengill’s schtick next as he’s apparently dressed for bungee jumping. Back to wrestling, call the Royal Rumble hotline for the latest news on the big event but kids please get your parents permission before calling.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund gives us the latest Royal Rumble report. The Nasty Boys – – – Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags – – – are the newest entrants into the Rumble match.

Meanwhile, Pettengill is gifted a pair of WWF boxer shorts. He naturally complains before tossing them aside. He promotes Monday Night RAW this week, highlighting an interview with WWF Champion Bret “Hitman” Hart and the scheduled match between Mr. Perfect and Terry Taylor. Talk of RAW segues into a re-air of the main event from last Monday’s debut as The Undertaker destroyed Damian Demento in under three minutes.

The final commercial break is taken to pay the sponsors and Mania wraps up with Bam Bam Bigelow in action from a week earlier on SuperStars. It’s Bam Bam versus The Big Boss Man at the Rumble.

The Verdict: Pettengill again capitivated the audience, did he not? Week 2 of Mania provided not only a Jim Powers match but the future Goon of the WWF (Bill Irwin). Recap shows had a purpose in this era. Lord Alfred Hayes was suddenly becoming heelish on commentary, too.

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