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Welcome to The Sharpshooter’s Verdict! I’m Brad Tiede from Leicester, New York and I created this Professional Wrestling recap blog after having it as a self-made blog over the past 20 years. I’m 40 years old and my knowledge dates back to 1985. I’m a lover of all sports and my comments tend to make the rounds on Social Media but it has been wrestling that I’ve made my niche to share my enjoyment of writing. I haven’t actively watched Professional Wrestling in 6/7 years but my specialty are the years between 1985-2013. Thanks to my subscription of WWE Network, the ability to go back and re-live any and all of a given year in the business has motivated me to go public with my reviews. I welcome any and all feedback, discussion and followers. In 2021, I’ve chosen to circle back 25 years to 1996 as a starting point to launch this now public domain. Enjoy! My site is about journeying back in time, to get in the moment with, analyze, dissect, and educate the masses on my memories and knowledge of any given year, show by show, of the glory years in a once beloved entertainment genre.