WCW Monday Nitro – February 12, 1996

WCW Momday Nitro – February 12, 1996

Tampa, FL

Commentators: Eric Bischoff, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Steve “Mongo” McMichael

The broadcast team recaps SuperBrawl VI and previews the card ahead for the night.

Match 1: Hugh Morrus vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
Result/Analysis: Savage via pinfall (4:52) following successive flying elbow drops. Macho comes to the ring in an obvious foul mode after what transpired at SuperBrawl. He pays no mind to his pyro. There’s no playing to the crowd during “Pomp and Circumstance.” It’s Savage, all business, in his lime green Macho t-shirt. Hugh Morrus is the sacrificial lamb here despite grounding Savage a few times over. Savage wrestles a somewhat-heelish match but it’s because of his deranged mindset, one entirely consumed with an obsession for Ric Flair. I always loved that version of Savage. It felt natural. Morrus misses his top rope moonsault (No Laughing Matter) and the elbow drops then follow a body slam as Savage at last plays up the crowd. Morrus escapes a third flying elbow before Savage takes the mic to say he wants Flair. The return match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship is scheduled for Monday Nitro next week as Elizabeth debuts in Flair’s corner.
Rating: *

Match 2: Scotty Riggs vs. Loch Ness w/ Jimmy Hart
Result/Analysis: Loch Ness via via pinfall (1:08) after two elbow drops. That was the offense after Loch Ness, or Giant Haystacks, whichever you fancy, completely misses a catch slam / body splash. Riggs starts off with punches and dropkicks to no avail. Loch Ness was brought in for Hulk Hogan as more big man fodder that he could conquer. Thankfully, it was a short-lived gimmick (an awful gimmick at that) due to a cancer diagnosis, leading to Haystacks premature death two years later.
Rating: DUD

“Mean” Gene Okerlund walks out with Woman and Elizabeth pulling a gurney with Ric Flair underneath the white sheets. Elizabeth reminds Okerlund that Flair did say someone would exit SuperBrawl on a gurney, although it may have taken all night. That’s an obvious reference to “Space Mountain” and the night Elizabeth and Woman experienced. Ha! Flair pops out and goes off in classic “Nature Boy” style about his luxurious life, stylin’ and profilin,’ long limousines, jet flying, walking the aisle, reminding us all he’s now the reigning 13-time World Heavyweight Champion, etc. He’s got Woman on his right, and Miss Elizabeth, “Woooo!” on his left. Flair has Elizabeth speak. She’s of course the vindictive ex-wife in a villanous role who’s gloating over stripping Savage of his most prized possession – – – the belt. Revenge is a bitch, Macho. Man, is Elizabeth great here.

Match 3: “Dangerous” Devon Storm vs. Konnan [WCW United States Heavyweight Champion]
Result/Analysis: Konnan via pinfall (5:20) with a powerbomb counter off the top turnbuckle. These two mixed like oil and water. Konnan works a Lucha Libre style yet he was hardly a Cruiserweight so his attempt at doing so feels contrived. Storm, who was repackaged by WCW as Crowbar four years later, is your typical high flyer, only he’s half polished and became a more credible worker later on. His WCW tenure in 1996 wouldn’t last long. I wasn’t feeling Konnan at the time and 25 years hasn’t changed my mind on him. A so-so match here with no substance. Please get the U.S. Title off him.
Rating: *

Match 4: “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson w/ Woman vs. Hulk Hogan
Result/Analysis: Anderson via pinfall (9:17) with Hogan first hit with powder in his eyes by Woman and then with Elizabeth’s high heel shoe. Flair and Elizabeth come to ringside with Anderson seizing control after several minutes of taking a sustained beating. AA hits the spinebuster but Hogan kicks out. After Hogan Hulks up, AA is placed in the figure-four which sends Flair over the edge. Referee Nick Patrick loses control leading to the screwy finish. Hogan succumbs to a rare pinfall loss which furthers The Four Horsemen in control of WCW. Savage runs out to clean house with Hogan after the match as The Mega-Powers unsurp the upper hand/save face. Both teams take turns commandeering the broadcast table to rant and rave about the other as Nitro wraps.
Rating: *3/4

The Verdict: All-in-all a rather weak Nitro here off a solid SuperBrawl. Flair being unhinged, in a classic rant, is the takeaway. Well, the villanous and vengeful Elizabeth, moreso. The wrestling quality felt like watching an episode of WCW Worldwide on some back channel save for Anderson, Hogan and Savage working on the night. The WWF was off for the night and thus, there was no competition. It could have led to something significant but alas WCW gave nothing.

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